Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scrapbook Surprise or When Bloggers Block takes you by Surprise

I got trapped at school this morning making turtles with New New receptions , Receptions and Year Ones. Hard Work let me tell you it was a lot of cutting out. When I finally got home I couldn't get in the driveway because there was a delivery fan, dropping off this huge parcel. But I wasn't expecting anything mmmm. Inside a huge Pizza box and a pink fluffy parcel - How cool.

Inside a massive array of Scrapbooking surprises. I have only had a quick look and can't wait to spend some time organising fondling and dreaming.

And why did I get this lovely package. Well way back in January during the flood auctions, I put a bid on a similar package, and with going on holiday etc, I made a donation and told the organiser it was done before bidding was finalised knowing I might not win but we wanted to make a donation and it was better for us to do it before we went away. The organiser of the auction decided to send me a parcel anyway which was soooo kind. Now life gets busy for mummy bloggers and business owners, and I never saw that package so I thought it might have taken a walk off my verandah or at the post office and I certainly was not going to hound the auction organiser who didnt need to feel guilty about me not receiving it (I just hoped she wouldnt think I was rude for not blogging about it!!)

Anyway this is my package so huge and I cannot express my thanks enough to the lovely Tamar from Tarisota and A Collection of Thoughts here For this wonderful package. It will take me quite some time to unpack it and does mean I really need some help to organise my craft supplies they are taking over the house aagh.

It also gave me something to Blog about as I suddenly found myself speechless for the second day in a row.


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