Sunday, May 15, 2011

Winter Sherbet Quilt

Well I think I have made good progress on this over the weekend. Here is the quilt top ready for a press before I put on the borders. I think I should get the borders on tonight so then it is quilting and binding (sounds simple). I bought this kit form th fat quarter shop and it has been great value. The pattern is Piece of Cake 2 by Thinble Blossoms (I just love them) and it has been so easy to follow (although I will admit that I have done a lot of reverse sewing today - brain strained). I think this quilt shows off the Sherbet Pip fabric quite nicely and has shown me a great use of pre cut fabric. I feel quite chuffed as I dont consider myself a quilter really. I was hoping to get some other things progressing today but oh well I need a nice break now a drink and maybe some retail therapy


1 comment:

  1. I think it looks like you're a quilter now. Love the fabric and love the pattern. Can't wait to see the borders as well