Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cosy Blythe Clothes

Finally Gwen and Angel have some nice warm winter clothes. Little B and I felt so sorry for them the last few weeks in their short sleeves and sundresses so tonight we couldn't wait to re dress them and photograph them (sorry for the poor photo - hope it is the bad light and not a problem with the camera) Now they look ready for action in this very chilly weather so hopefully we can take them out and about to play. The clothes are from Here .

They were very reasonably priced and quite good quality and delivery was very prompt. Angel is wearing a dress and long stripy socks, Gwen has on a skivvy, dress and distressed stripey jeans. The hat is part of Gwen's stock outfit. Little Miss B wants mittens now as Angel has cold hands, I think Gwen needs a little scarf. They both need a home - Angel has a single bedsit and has invited Gwen to sleepover, Gwen currently is bunking on our couch until more permanent lodgings can be found. This is a fun little hobby but a little pricey but we have a few years ahead of us.


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