Sunday, June 5, 2011

What's On Sunday

A really quiet relaxing day here today Sir TP has a friend over and they are playing Wii and Mariokart -

Bethany is trying her hand at Balloon animals and we have discovered that daddy is an expert at making poodles but not pigs.And I am looking at the sunkissed yardage which arrived in the post on Friday ready to finish off a project yay. Sir Tp has been doing some sewing too - a special gift for a special little friend he has who is about to have a birthday. For lunch today we had a family trip to the Sushi Train. The kids were really curious to see what it was like after I spoke about it the other day. So we sat and watched them cooking all the different foods, we tried some sushi, some spring rolls ate using chopsticks and it was a fun little adventure -quite reasonable cost too as we all shared the different plates in case someone didnt like something - HAve a go sometime it was heaps of fun


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