Monday, June 6, 2011

Lego Pillow Craft

After the great success Sir TP had at making his own Pillow - he thought he would like to make something for his little friend Mini-me. Mini-me has been having a Lego party planned for some time for his party so it seemed only natural that he get a Lego pillow snuggly. So into the toybox we dug and came out with some Lego people and Sir TP said lets do a lego head so using some polar fleece to hopefully last a little better than felt we put together this for Mini-me. He hasn't got it yet but I dont think he is old enough to read just yet any way. Sir TP again drew up a pattern and I tweaked it. We went for a simple sew on the outside technique and sewed it in three parts. Sir TP stuffed and shaped it - the final stitch together hadn't been done in this photo but I think it is pretty cool and if it is as popular as the puffle has been I am sure both Sir TP and his Mini-me will be happy.


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  1. This is such a personal and original design, just love it!