Monday, September 27, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Well the children did a super job of their school concert. Sir TP made avery convincing Getaway presenter and spoke clearly an awful lot of large and foreign words (his photographic memory comes in handy for more than just picking up on forgotten promises). Little Miss B also did a great job of singing and dancing in her Grease medley. There were some truly classic moments of 5 yearold SUmmer Lovin. Friday saw the children on holidays and mini golf with Grandma followed by Saturday Daling Hubby abd I tripped down memory lane at The 50th anniversary show of Adelaide Gang Show (SIr TP has begged to be allowed to audition for it next year - we'll see). Then SUnday saw us up at dawn to drive Polly Prefect (1949 Ford Prefect) in the Bay to Birdwood Run finishing our Weekend off at the bike party wher we 'crashed a friends birthday party. Literally we left the park with 2 grazed knees and a bump in the middle of Little B's forehead. Tomorrow I will have some holiday photos and a guest presenter


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