Saturday, September 18, 2010

We {heart} Percy Jackson

Sir TP and I have just finished our 4th Percy Jackson book in 5 weeks. We love Percy Jackson and the greek gods tale of adventure. We have only had one night of bad dreams about sirens which he thought were a little scary because they wanted to eat the sailors but overall it has been very exciting reasing. It is a challenge to find books to excit an 8 yr old strong reader that have an exciting story but stretch the mind further than good old Captain Underpants and where the language isnt pitched too high or crass. We have read all the Zac Powers, have made a strong start on Enid Blyton now The Secret Seven and hopefully the Famous Five and a few others. I have been trawling the second hand shops and have so far found this haul

I am also in the process of a sewing challenge so hope to report back regularly this week on making a skirt a day. The blogging regularly may well be the challenge. I wanted to do this last year - make 5 play skirts for Miss B for summer. Whilst no official challenge exists at the moment it suits me to challenge myself now. I will report back my progress soon


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  1. I read the Famous Five when I was a child, we have it as listening books for the kids, on DVD and they love to get them from the library too! They are great!