Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shoeboxes of Love

Last Wednesday we all went shopping to buy small things for somebody we don't know.
Something to wear, something to love, something to play with something for school, something to remember. We bought t-shirts, hair ties, face washers ,tennis balls, bears,dolls, pencils, sharpeners, exercise books. Today we have wrapped up boxes in our favourite colours added some stickers and carefully packed it all in it was a bit of a squeeze. omorrow we will take them to school and send them off to somebody who doesn't get a lot of presents and doesn't know us and ca't say thankyou. But we know how great it is to get a parcel in the post and that is thanks enough.

Ps yes those are ANZAC crumbs on faces and shirts - and that is thanks enough. If you want to know more about Operation Christmas CHild go here

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  1. We've got those on the go here this year again. One each from each of my children. Although, I couldn't be bothered covering shoe boxes so my mum is getting us the Operation Christmas Child ones! Lazy I know!! ;) I think it's so awesome to help out those that have far less than we do.