Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Our Spooky Party

Here is Sir Tp -henceforth Skeleton Boy my happy 8 year old at his spooky party. We even arranged spooky weather for the day and thankfully managed to entertain his 12 friends inside for 3 hours despite rain and storms ravaging our state for 24 hours.

As usuaul celebrations for us are as much about the journey as the destination. We made chocolate crackle bats yummy and spooky.

We set up a Spooky table.

In the morning Skeleton Boy woke up to a present in his room , balloons streamers and bunting. I had covered his floor in balloons while he slept

and just to stretch your neck (in case you have been reading blogs for too long put your right ear on to your shoulder and you can see Skeleton Boy and Witch Girl ready to go. Helium balloons supercede the broomstick of course these days. Skeleton Boy was great in our Spooky passageway which we turned into a dark space with spooky glow in the dark bats , skeletons and footprints. Not to mention my painted glow in the dark face. We all had fun and recovered in time to celebrate dads day the next morning.
Cheers for now

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