Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Smocking Season

It's smocking season. For those who have visited my blog for a while may already know that smocking is my first love. What you may not know is that pleating is the complete opposite( I am not allowed to use the H word). If you don't know what a Smocking Pleater looks like go here to see a picture. It looks like torture equipment from the witch trials or the reformation doesn't it. Well using it is kind of like torture too. The little floral dress went through no problems - that is for a dress for a little 2 year old cherubim who belongs to a school mum. The holly fabric was pleated twice it went through crooked and then folded itself into a nightmare. The language used by the pleating lady (Me) would have curled your hair and I don't think it would be much less painful to be put through the winder then to have to push the warped fabric through the pleater unpleat it re thread the machine and do it again. The sad thing is I have one more piece of fabric to pleat tonight. God bless us as we go through it again.

PS Last pleating job - mission accomplished successfully hooray.

Cheers For now


  1. Oh I can sympathise so much... my language is the same when I am pleating....
    Hugs Dawn x x

  2. I know smocking and I love to do it, but didn't even know a pleater existed. I really thought you did it all by hand!