Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blythe Pyjamas

Little miss B said thanks for the skirt but she needs to have pyjamas - of course why didnt I think of that. So I looked thru the pattern and made a top a bit longer to make a nightie. Miss B picked the fabric, runnage for some ribbon , run to the shop for some mini ric rac ($100 later at Spotlight man that ric rac is dear but that's another story) and VoilA (my new word obviously). One Blythe nightie (almost too pretty to wear to bed). Miss B is so enjoying Angel -I had thought she might be too young but she has really made her into a companion. Miss B is responsible for the photo and she has even asked if she can have her own blog. I do think she needs to wait until she can do the typing herself though. Will be back soon with our next hip hip holiday project success I do like it when things go to plan

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