Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hip Holiday Crafts continued

With so many crafts to choose from and only so many crafting days available today we have made starts on some Of Mel from Day by Days crafts. Little Miss B has been using some beads she got for her birthday and some sparkly pom poms and making a necklace - this is good as she is afraid of sharp things so the big needle (blunt) I have given her is kind of desensitising her to this and she has to push a little to get it through the pom pom so her hand strength is developing. We found sewing through the felt last week a little hard so this is good too.
Sir TP thought he would have a go at a car play mat so here he is working away at gluing down the roads. Again he is benefiting from squeezing that glue bottle for hand strength which he really needs as he will hardly do anything that requires holding a pencil! It is drizzling here today and is supposed to reach 30 (although I suspect it wont). We like everyone else are expecting more significant rain in the next 24 hours this is the strangest Summer ever.
PS I have a couple of Blythe projects to show next.

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