Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 2 of our Hip Holiday Crafting

OK I know we have a little time lag here with this but other life does get in the way of holiday craft plus all the new presents we have!!! So this day we set about doing another of Tamar from Tarisota Crafts. We made hand and finger puppets. With a little heads up notice (the advantage of working a day behind) I purchased some crayola fabric markers - at less then $10 for 10 colours quite affordable. The colours were vibrant too. I set the kids up and let them go - encouraging them to plan first. Sir TP went for a collection of Moshi MOnsters. Miss B for a collection of Princesses and a Babushka. Sir TP was quite excited I let him sew his together -he did quite well but kept forgetting to put the pressure foot down to my chagrin. We had some friends drop around for a play and they made some too how fun!! And so simple. The kids are keen to make a felt playmat from Mel's blog I just need to think about the cost on that one. We have a few other plans for the next couple of days so we will see what happens

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