Monday, January 3, 2011

Our Christmas and New Years Ideas

Because I know I would like to see yours - here are some photos of

our christmas table setting

the children on their christmas play night

our new Arrival -Angel Miss B's first Blythe doll (apparently she already wants more and this is all because she is a fan of a blog called Bella and Blythe!!)

and lastly my little giveaway presented by Angel - please comment on my previous post or become a follower or both and I will enter you into my draw to celebrate I have done more than a hundred posts. Prize consists of three Christmas fat quarters and a Leeanne Beasley pattern - for little gift bags.

To finish with this is my New Years Resolutions

1. Blog more regularly - I always seem to blog lots stop, blog lots stop. I can do better.

2. Do more - I need to get up and do more - cooking, crafting, running, photos 2010 I lost my mojo I think I was lonely with Little Miss B gone -time to get over it and enjoy the possibility.

3. Give more - I am so blessed from God and more people should feel it.


  1. i like it!! a super positive post and thoughts for the new year :)



  2. a new Blythe doll looks like one happy girl..........your xmas table looks lovely........

  3. That's SO cute!!! I just showed Bella and she was excited to see Angel (and your sweet girl). We have that Blythe dress too!! It's one of my favourites.