Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Still Hip Hip Holiday crafting

Yesterday we ventures to the big shops for New School shoes and sandshoes - now that we are impoverished we were forced to entertain ourselves with the shoe box - so many possibilities. I had been intending to do this with Sir TP so one Marble Game was made and with strict rules to play only on the carpet the kids are having a great time with their 8 marbles. I have never bought marbles but at the childrens after school care they can earn lucky dips for helping out with jobs. Sir TP and Little Miss B are right on this and often come home with a little bag of 3 marbles or a hairclip. Sir TP thought drawing or painting the box would be too time consuming when you could just play with it as is. I am sure Little Miss B will put some flair to it later. You never know I might get some jobs done now - or a nap or some sewing - or Maybe Days of Our lives is on soon.


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  1. Sometimes you don't need much to keep yourself going!