Monday, March 14, 2011


This year I have introduced a little bit of the old Catholic school girl in me to my Protestant family. I kindly suggested that we give up something for Lent to remind us of Jesus Sacrifice for us. Most of the family embraced this (Darling Husband was begrudging) so whlie Sir TP flipped our pancakes on Tuesday we wwrote this list

Me- Giving up soft drinks (this is truly huge for me!! I am way dependant on the old diet Coke)
Hubby -Giving up Top Gear (this has only been on once since Lent started so A token sacrifice)
Sir TP- Giving up Zac Powers books (a cunning plan by me to encourage him to broaden his scope of interest - evil I know).

Little Miss B - has given up apple juice - her fav drink of choice at tea time and she hasn't even asked for one.

I have been so proud of the children - they embraced this idea and have been good -Hubby well. For the record I have been good to and I am used to drinking a lot of softies.

You might notice a cranky edge to this blog for the next few weeks

Cheers ( Doh that makes me think about drionking which makes me think of ice cold diet coke aahhh!!)

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