Monday, March 21, 2011

Work in Progress -4-or I think I have a finishing problem.

Ok now I think I am starting to look like I just don't want to finish things - but the problem is like this. I can't take painting projects out of the house, and I like to do handwork while I wait at ballet. But handwork eventually needs machine work so while the machine is out I might as well do something else that needs machining - so I have handwork for when I finish the other handwork. i think you get the idea. Anyway this little is from Natalie Ross' book from last year. I have made two and they are semi secret stitching for Christmas this year. (I have vowed that I will not be stitching the night before Christmas this year). Unfortunately this is the Headless Santa at the moment because I dont understand how to put the head on and I am not sure what the back of this guy is going to look like if I follow the instructions. The book has beautiful pictures but none of the back -drat it. Any way I am just thinking about this one (it is low priority until after the Big Day). Anyway that is the lay of the land for now - I won't promise I won't start anything else right now as B has a lot of ideas about her Party bags!!! And I find it hard to say no. I also expect to be doing a little bit of baking in the next couple of weeks. Bye for Now

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