Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ready ........

Cheshire Cat Chocolates - tick (excuse the glare) Queen of hearts brooches - tick (made from fimo and gem stones
The White Rabbit - tick (they have been breeding like the proverbial all week)
All stuffed into a party bag of course with some lollies - tick. al lacy and blue for the big day.
We are going into the final stages before I go back to normal non-Alice blogging . Thankyou for your patience


  1. Hello Nicky!
    I see you`ve been so busy making all beautiful things, I like specially the red hearts, so cute!

  2. Wow! You made beautiful favours! I love the cheshire cat choc pops, the brooches are fab (did you use the fimo you cook in the oven? and the gems cooked ok? just curious!) and the white rabbits are adorable and must have taken you hours and hours to make! The bags look very cute with the doilies too.. I bet you had some very happy guests :)

  3. Hi Anji I used fimo and baked it and used 2 part adhesive to glue brooch backs and gems on - the gems were something I had from an old scrapbook pack. Then I thought they would look cut cute on a little card so I used my rudimentary computer skills. I was pleased with how they looked and the kids all wore them home with their teapot necklaces - it was a beautiful party