Monday, March 21, 2011

Having One of those Days

This is going to sound a bit like a joke - I kid you not this story is true.

Firsty let me say I am smiling and happy and Blessed by God that this is my small trial.

This morning I got up at 4 am to kiss Hubby off to Victoria for work at 7 :30 I was mostly ready packing lunches, getting breakfasts and coordinating the kids for school. The phone rings - Hi Honey I have just got in the car and I found your car keys under my sun shade. OOOOoo - Bye we better catch the bus (I am far too careful with money for a weeks worth of Taxi trips to school!) Zoooomm - TP dressed, BP dressed, grab the bags, hustle hustle little legs to the bus stop get half way to school forgotten the bag of must have today project materials. Scoot home, pack into back pack (thought lets take the bike!!) - Tyre flat beyond pumping mmm best walk -1/2 hr each way no probs -pickup milk on the way home.

Not quite how I planned it but it worked - now how to get everyone home tonight and ballet hmmm. Must drink some water and get ready to walk back to school - who needs gym membership



  1. Quite a day, hmmm! Hope you made it home safe and happy...

  2. very industrious of you. I would have just given up and decided that it was a good day for everyone to just stay home.