Monday, March 7, 2011

Chocolate Log

It did look more attractive before dinner but I forgot to photograph and blog about it until after we enjoyed it for SUnday night dessert. Too keep my New Year Resolution of trying different recipes tonight we had a little blast from the past. I found this recipe on the back of Arnotts Chocolate biscuits. It is too too simple and very yummy -I cant believe I have never made this -I remember having it at so many basket suppers when I was a kid. If you are interested it is a plain chocolate flavoured biscuit , beat 500ml of cream with 1 tspn caster sugar and 1 tspn of vanilla essence till thick. Spread some cream on the plate and then onto a biscuit. Sandwich together with another biscuit and layer on the plate. Leave to set for 6 hrs. The biscuits then go all cakey and creamy -yummo. Darling and I are enjoying the cooking - just wish the kids had taken a resolution on to try new things -maybe they could do that for Lent. What will I give up for Lent this year mmm. I'll let you know Tuesday.


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