Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy as a Bee

I am only just sitting down to lunch and I am feeling so bad about the hodge podge of blogging I have done lately. What is keeping me from my blog. Well I am helping out a little more at school this year reading one day and craft another. I have just had a haircut - my first in ages. I am trying to coordinate a Birthday for Little Miss B and Grandfriends Day at the school and fit in work and mum type stuff and craft and Blog. Tiring reading it isn't it. I am also trying to eat a little better when I am on my own hence the wholemeal salad and homous pita above which was yummy after a hard morning making paper plate maracas at school. Today was a red letter day in my mailbox as the invitations I organised for Little Miss B's Birthday arrived from England after a month in the post. I had given up on them and arranged plan B. This picture is the little package I got from Anji from Here
And this is the front cover of the invite which is a very petite little book for the girls telling them how to get to B's party. Anji explains this well on her blog.
Now I could have just followed Anjis blog and made them myself but I cant photoshop - and Anji was so helpful, prompt and even came up with a plan B for me when Australia Post let the team down so It was a delight to have her involved in our party planning despite my fear that I would have no invites to hand out (as they need to go out now!!) The sweet little red bag she sent was an added gift (one of the nice things when dealing with wonderful etsy dealers) and the heart is a little pocket and it had a little gift in it too (I am so glad it wasn't lost in the post. SO please if you are looking for Alice Party bits and pieces visit Anji at Starking. She rocks. And B will be wrapped when she sees this

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  1. I am so happy the invitations arrived just in time, and that you like them :)

    Your salad/humous/pitta combo looks yum...