Monday, January 30, 2012

Back to School preparations

The last few days have been busy busy getting ready for that big first day back at school. It has been a bit quiet on here as a result of this and a little camping trip which I will share with you this week. The weekend just gone has seen baking some yummy pink slice to share with family to celebrate a birthday

Covering a mountain of books in Ben 10 contact and Hello Kitty contact and labelling pencils rulers and so on. #4 books covered in total I reckon I had that many books for my whole high school education and I'd place bets on how much comes back only partly used sigh But it is an achievement and great to tick off.And even more baking done today yummy scrummy Anzac biscuits -very hard to resist and I must because I have my eye on getting an iphone but I have to be my goal weight which is still a little weigh away (tee hee my little joke). Now I am blogging to avoid vacuuming cleaning and tidying which I promised I would spend today doing sigh I wish I could wiggle my nose and it was done I have a big list of more fun things to do but feel stuck by the chores. Time is ticking and school will be done so must dash


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  1. pfff I am lucky. Here only the secondary school
    Hope the kids enjoy kids (12 and up) have to cover there books and my daughter can manage herself! Hope the kids will enjoy there new year at school ;-).