Saturday, January 14, 2012

Exciting Packages {Project Life}

During the week I was excited to make a purchase from CraftHouse NZ and with the wonders of DHL tracking I new exactly where my parcel was at all times. This was fabulous as I hate worrying about them being dumped on the door step and stolen while I am out. I watched it sit in Sydney airport all day Tuesday leave at 2am to fly to Adelaide and by 8am it was on the truck coming to my door.When it arrived I couldn't open it even though I was busting to as we were on our way out to see Alvin and the Chipmonks 3 (which we all loved). But here is my big challenge for 2012 -please help me stay on track.

Thats right I am jumping -leaping -falling on board with Project Life like a lot of my fav bloggers(who says marketing/peer pressure is just for kids)I am heaps excited and hope to make something to cherish about our family life for the year.An occasional reminder wouldnt hurt though.

I will try to get started ASAP so I can share alittle more of what is happening.


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