Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ways to cool down if its hot

We were lucky enough to have a party to go to on Friday night after a warmish day to help us cool down - an ice skating party. This involved skating and some snow play at one end of the rink and later some ice hockey. The rink has a dedicated party time slot for 2 hours and this night there were probably only 5 parties so it was almost like having the place just for us. Obviously Sir TP was the king of the mountain This made up for his lack of prowess on the ice - still. Who knew that physics would be his downfall and that he would fall whilst trying to hita a goal with a puck. Annoyingly for Sir TP LIttle Miss B looks like an Ice Queen. She has good technique although slow and hesitant - but she hust looks naturally graceful. We didnt lose any fingers - we had a great ice cream cake and home to bed.

The weather here has gone extremely cool - we have had hot, cold, humid and stormy and just dont know what to do or wear. So today I am in the sewing room having some fun


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