Thursday, January 19, 2012

ProJect Life Week 2 In Progress

Again I still have a little tweaking and some smaller strip journals i want to print onto photos but I need a little time and I really need to find somewhere I can print small 1/2 sized photos nearby. I think Big W or Kmart does them I will need to investigate. Page Left again I stamped the date onto the title card but i dont think I will always do this. I added the yellow week 2 stickers on and coloured one of the words on the title card yellow to match. I journalled typed font on computer about our exciting trip to the movies and I have the movie ticket stub there I will also put a little picture of the movie above it and zig zag it all together on my machine.

Page right I still have to do the top Journalling card and I would definitly like to be able to put a collage of animal photos instead of just the stick insect. The glare is hiding ourr Chorus Line Ticket. I used a bi fold journalling card to frame a cropped self portrait Sir TP took of him and BP. Week 3 is underway and is looking like being my fav week so far - I need to get a little more adventurous i think but I dont want to make it too hard. I am hoping that we will have enough things to take photos of in say week5 of term hmm we will have to find adventures - not just school dance gymnastics bed , school dance work bed etc


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  1. Hello Nicky :)
    Woohooo on starting Project Life! It's my first year too, and so far I'm really enjoying it (but hoping I get a bit quicker as the weeks go by LOL) Loving your pages so far!
    I saw a tutorial somewhere this week on printing 2 smaller photos onto one...maybe on Ali Edwards' blog? I'll have a look and link you up if I can find it. If you have an iphone there's an app called Diptic which is also awesome for putting multiple photos on a 4x6 photo.
    I printed a couple of photo collages at Kmart last week (for the first time) and it was pretty easy, and only cost 25c a print, so that might be worth looking at too :)
    Sorry for the essay LOL...and have fun with it!