Monday, January 9, 2012

Whats happening this year.

Last year Father Christmas popped this into Little Miss B's stocking and so I have been helping her to fill it with her secrets (earth shattering stuff like she doesnt like spicy food and her brother is mean to her (that one goes both ways). The main thing I want her to experience out of this is keeping a little journal something all mums try to get their daughters to do and which I failed dismally. Not my gift I'm afraid.So we have started this year trying to write one line a day not too hard of something that has happened or we are doing .Seeing this idea pop up on my favourite blog HERE made me think I should be doing this too

SI thought I would tag along with the girls - trudged down to Officeworks - bought some cards, a stamp and this cute little box which matches my sewing space/office and my family room and set to work. I wonder how I'll go -please everyone ring me in September and ecourage me as that seems to be when the wheels fall off around here


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