Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Project Life week1 -In Progress

Heaps excited about this so I wanted to share -excuse dodge photos and lack of finishing. So I decided to do Project Life - looked into the product and thought it was uchy pricey to get in Australia then realised when converting from NZ dollar to here it was really heaps good including shipping. So I bought a mixed packet of page prtectors and a core kit - I want to keep it easy as. They came in three days tracked all the way. So I have had them for about a week. I have done a title page but it hasn't got its photos yet so I wont share. The Core kit comes with suggested bits for the front and back page just slide them in done. Then there is a title card for each week and assorted journalling cards and filler cards. So my challenge especially being a little challenged in this aspect is to put my own twist on things. That is why I am calling it A WIP I am still fiddling and printing out photos. As yet I havent been able to print any small photos none of my local machines do this cheaply and I am contemplating needing my own camera printer for ease. So Week 1 left I have stamped the dates on the title page and used some stickers and transfers to tissy up the heading. I have printed out some goals for the family a story about January 1 and the week. I am printing on the cards using my printer which is easy.

Page rt I have put in the score card from our mini golf game, I also want to add some additional journalling words onto some photos as so much happened I ran out of room I am thinking this will settle down when school goes back even though we are having a very quiet and lazy holiday.


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