Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I wore Wednesday

Well I am not sure if joining in with this posting will help my self esteem or not but here I go - first photo of me in years I suspect and I apologise no makeup or this wasn't going to happen - we are all moving so slowly these holidays. Today is absolutely freezing in Adelaide where we have had all 4 seasons worth of weather for the first two weeks of the year.

So we have top and tights - Target
black ballet flats - Kmart
skirt - finished sewing from earlier this week pattern is from Made it Perfect.
And you can just see the litle maching Black flower brooch I made from Janelle winds pattern.

Now the making of this skirt is part of a huge journey which I will share with ou over the coming weeks. My girlfriend made this skirt pattern to wear to Inspired Stitches earlier this year. When I looked at the pattern and took my measurements I was mortified so I have only just made it now - 6months later. I probably wont wear it with this top normally but have I mentioned it is freezing here, Well I must go now as we are all dressed up


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