Friday, January 6, 2012


Something seems to have happened - and I haven't blogged for months. So the choice needs to be made today to blog or not to blog. But being open to all things being possible I will once again start anew. Let me assure you there has been tons of fun stuff happening, piles of learning and making smiles and a little sadness. There has even been time to blog but it hasnt happened sigh. Oh well today is a new day with no mistakes so lets pick things up from here and over time you might even get an update or so. Just so I could put in a piccy -here is a card Little Miss B has made for her cousins birthday (ice skating party) and a cover I have made her for her christmas ipod in her favourite colours -hope she likes it. She has already had her major present but thought I would give her a little something tonight too. Also keeps with my intentional/relational ideas that i have developed over Christmas (but that is for another day). The case is one of Janelle Winds paterns from her book (i love love it) .
Will blog again shortly


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