Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Miss B goes to Art class

Little Miss B trekked off today to a School Holiday Art class. We would dearly love to do this for a term but it is ouchy pricey and hard to fit in around stuff. This time I thought we would steer away from another gorgeous canvas and try for something different. So Miss B tried her hand at sculpture and made a wire and clay ballerina. I think she is happy with the end product (I got back to class near the end to help out with tutu design (I think the teacher felt a little under the pump to get the last one finished on time). It was possibly a little ambitious for B's age group but her and the other younger girls all ended up with something a little respectable if lacking the willowyness of most dancers. I think doing classes like this would be my idea of a dream job which is funny as I never did art at school after year nine (I apparently did the Suicide 5 for year 12 -noone told me that was what it was called!!)


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