Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Family Beach Day

I guess probably once a year we do a mandatory trek down to the beach for the children to have a play. So after Church on Sunday and after lunch we headed off on a long drive to go to one of our beaches where you can drive your car down on to the beach- so much easier then trying to find a park and carrying all the gear down. Because of my lack of pigmentation we pooped up the sun tent and then off to play.
Little Miss B loves the Boogie board -she even had a go at standing up on it and was quite successful. Sir Tp tried his hand at snorkelling but still struggles a bit with his rhythm

28 sandcastles were made - and the Police were kind enough to drive around them later on in the day to preserve our efforts

And we had a fine effort at getting the kite up in the air good wind- good kite.

Little Miss B and I both got a little pink in spots (despite me hiding in the tent for periods sigh and being there after three) but all in all a fun sun day


  1. Thanks Lea I was very impressed and I think Sir TP would have kept going all the way to the sea but his sister got bored and wandered off into the ocean which meant we all had to follow