Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Characters

Well as I promised I thought I would show you our little touches of Alice in Wonderland characters we used to create the scene Little Miss B's special day. So here is me as the Red Queen along with a lot of OOfff Witth their Heads. Sir Tp was the White rabbit (He enjoyed everyone playing Chase the Rabbit as an Alice in Wonderland Party game).
Again here is the other half of the family but with our Mad Hatter - Clean CUps was his cryAlice was just sharing a drink with her flamingos after a hardgame of croquet.
And one tired Little Miss B still dressed up with her doll Angel who also dressed for the day in her Alice mini dress (thankyou Janelle Wind from The Stitched Bluebird at Etsy fo r making this for us).
I have looked equally tired today - hubby has done some catch up packing up - I have had a nap, read some of The Girl who kicked the Hornet's Nest, eaten jam tarts with double thick cream, and played with the new Disney Projector. Tomorrow will be shopping and cleaning and looking for homes for new toys and clothes. I will share some of B's handmade and specialty gifts tomorrow.


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  1. Oh wow, you all look fabulous! Little Miss B is so lovely as Alice :)