Saturday, April 30, 2011

Our Easter Adventure - the final chapter

One last little story fromour Easter holiday would be about our campfire cooking. Now the best part about camping in the Flinders Ranges at this time of year is our fire bans were lifted and we could sit around a fire at night sing, talk, read, toast marshmellows. Darling Husband has a camp oven and is still learning and testing it out so was very rash and declared before leaving that he was sur e he could bake a cake in it. Anyway the first night we made sultana damper in it which was very yummy - amazing for just flour, water and sultanas. The next night we did damper on sticks (not as successful), and more marshmellows. The last night we toasted Kabana (I strongly reccommend this) and the family attempted to make a cake. Now we don't have a thermometer on this oven but needless to say it was a little too hot and the cake turned out quite burnt after half the reccomended cooking time - but it was only burnt on the out side (I wasn't allowed to photograph it) and after a bit of work with a sharp knife - a generous serving of Double thick cream spread over it - all was good (lucky I bought the cream I must have had a feeling).So this was my cake after surgery (above0 and below with cream and sparklers and singing

Thanks guys for the special family birthday.

That is the end of all the Easter and Birthday posts. Tonight is date night (the second one this week) and we are off to see Wicked.


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