Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look Who Has come to Live with US - New Blythe Doll

My Birthday Present from the kids - Raspberry Sorbet Blythe Doll.
I can't wait too play with her and Little Miss B. B has all sorts of ideas lined up for us all. Her name is Gwen - here is Angel meeting Gwen - Angel is a bit cold in the mornings - she has on her uggies and socks. I love Gwens long long hair and her funky satin top. She has earrings and pink nail polish (B is a little jealous).

I also got a treadmill for my birthday - I have given up on going to the Gym it is hard to fit it in around everyone elses committments so I will have to give the treadmill a good try now (I am running out of options to try and stay fit!). We have just got home from an EAster adventure I will share more later but for now I am off to hit the washing pile it has taken over the house.


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