Saturday, April 9, 2011

Lenten Update

Just a quick update on our lent sacrifices full marks to Sir TP and Little Miss B who have been very diligent in remembering their sacrifice (and I dont think they want to give money to charity either). Darling Hubby is a stinker but hasn't given in to temptation to watch Top Gear(although he did miss the same special he has missed twice before and did suggest he would be prepared to donate $20 to watch it). I have to confess I have failed - with going to parties, staying up too late and having parties here the temptation of a little pick me up from a caffeinated soft drink cold and refreshing and open in the fridge was too much - I am back on track but will be a few dollars short this month on craft supplies (I am sure Lutheran Community Care will be glad of it) Cheers

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