Monday, April 18, 2011

Puffle Power

Sir TP is on a Cub Scout Bender and we worked out that with his painted eggs and another holiday project he was one project short of his Handcraft badge - a fabric sewing project. Lucky for him this is the place to fix that. He decided he wanted to make a puffle cuddly out of red felt. He drew up a pattern for a puffle (this is a creature from a game called Club Penguin for the over 12) and with a few little modifications here and there he cut it out, appliqued on felt eyes, embroidered a sort of back stitch mouth and sewed it together. Thankfully we had a pupil free day and a half day off after Sports Day so he could sew it up in time for Cubs. Hopefully that gives us one more badge for the term. Sir TP has his sights on his Grey Wolf badge whilst in cubs so he has quite a bit of work ahead. The good thing about this project is he was really motivated and knew clearly what he wanted to do and what he had to do and he did it (although he did want to use the sewing machine in the morning when we were doing the before school rush mmm!).
But first we have to nail The Exposition for the dreaded NAPLAN's fast approaching - any tips on how to encourage boys to write?



  1. hi nicky! your cute little cubbie did a fabulous job on his puffle! congrats to him (and you!) for completing all of his projects for his badge!

    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hello.....and thanks for mentioning that you had seen my work on pinterest! i'm really out of the loop.....i had no idea what pinterest was, so i went to the sight and all i can say is one hour later i made myself stop looking! wow, that's one fabulous, addictive sight!!! :))

  2. I love the pillow, very well done!