Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Scout Blankets

If it's winter then it must be time to sew on blanket badges!! Coming from a family with a bit of scouting history - it was only natural that Sir TP would be keen to have his own scout blanket ASAP. Grandma provided last birthday a Scout Blanket which is a very uninspiring grey army blanket which gradually gets adorned with cloth badges and scarves etc. Hubby has a great full blanket which he often adds to during winter(I refuse to sew on his badges). Grandad too has a great blanket, and Sir TP is well on his way with a variety of badges from places we have visited and scout events and challenges. My Job is to sew a few extra on like binding a quilt it can only be done in winter and at least if they are on the blanket I cant lose them. So that is my task over the next few days too stitch on badges it looks great folded up - but boy when you open up that blanket you think what a lot of badges we will have to collect to fill it. Cheers

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