Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fashionably Easter - the Countdown

Ok tomorrow is the day I will post my first little Tutorial - I promise everything is basic and easy, most supplies can be bought at Spotlight and found around a crafty home. For tomorrow we will be working with Chocolate - of course it is Easter after all and chocolate never goes out of fashion I will try to post early in the morning if you are watching out or in case you want to hit the shops before the children get home from school - Please join along I'd love to see what Easter fun is fashionablei n your home too. Miss B spent some time this weekend putting out our few little Easter ornaments(I had to wait till after her birthday so I could take down her cards!) We don't have a lot. A little montage of various eggs on our very messy coffee table and some hanging on our celebration tree which is ready for replacing soon. But it helps us get ready for Easter. Excuse the messy house and the child reading on the floor We are having an indoor moocing day as the weather is not great and we are all tired and fluey (is that a word) Catch you tomorrow


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