Saturday, April 23, 2011

School Holiday Projects

Okay , I promise you i will actually do some of my own craft posts soon (how many times do I say that) but it will have to wait until the children are back at school, Grandfriends Day is over and whatever my work want to do with me (I am sure I will be the last one to know that). Each holiday we are trying to do the work for one of the badges in this little Cub Scout book (yellow). This holiday we decided on the Codes and Signals Badge Level One. This is a simple little badge and Sir TP hardly needed any help to work on it. Luckily I found this book called The Know How Book of Spycraft at the local fair a few weeks back for 10 cents. I remember reading this book when I was at school and it has a lot of observation puzzles and secret codes in it which have kept Sir TP very amused So to get this badge we had to choose three activities - one was invisible writing which we did using lemon juice and then heating it over the stove - Here is Sir TP's invisible message to daddy made visible - quite effective.

Sir TP then had to make a secret code up for his cub pack to solve. He has made from our book a Grille code -which canonly be solved by using a grille (or I would call it a grid).

The third task he has chosen was a simple google jobby which was to learn the International Phonetic Alphabet and spell your name using it. So he will be spending the rest of the holiday trying to memorise that. So hopefully we will have one more badge to add to our uniform next term. If you have any good activities relating to cub scout badge work I would love to hear them. Sir TP is determined to get as many as possible and has his sights set on his Grey Wolf (though we don't have any boomerangs yet).

I am in the midd le of lots of big projects so I may have to do another progress post soon on my sewing - and I am getting further behind on my scrapping. I think blogging and Pinning are getting in the way.


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