Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fashionably Easter Day Four - Easter Cards

Hey there - wow Thursday already - time flies when you are crafting away. Today the children and I are sharing this years Easter Cards. I know it is a different tradition. Darling Husbands family celebrate Easter just like Christmas - big Lunch, cards and eggs. So we are making some cards for the family . We are going with some simple bunny and chick themes. You will need white card, coloured card, Ink pads in you favourite easter colours a nice black pen (I can't believe I let the kids touch this but!!) So we started with some basic big and small finger prints. Remember to wash hands between inks (yes I am talking to you TP) Then use your pen to add some details - the children used a sponge to make grass and treesI added orange beaks and pen drawn eyes ,wings and legs
On the bunnies on the grass I added ears and tails and face details
Dont forget an Easter greeting - I am boring and stick with Happy Easter
Here is Miss B's chicks under the tree (the last three look alot like walking eggs - that would be tricky during the big hunt)
Stick your white art onto a nice coloured background write inside and share the good news with your friends and family


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