Saturday, April 2, 2011


Last minute food was prepared - I made some little toothpick flags with some deco tape with hearts on it and put them on cheese and Kabana and strawberries and marshmellows. We put up a little marquee in our side yard and decorated it with tissue pop poms, lanterns and streamers in blue and white. I used the good tea set and some paper doilies and blue paper plates so it looked like a beautiful tea party. We had teapots with juice and lemonade for the girls. The cake became the table centre piece. I had drink me and eat me labels on everything.
On our back lawn we set up for Croquet with our painted hoops and sign posts - the kids did this as a free time activity along with swings and trampolines.
We are all very tired - spaghetti on toast for dinner - B is lying on the couch but she wanted me to show you her new Little pet shop Blythe dolls and Angel in her Alice Mini dress made by Janell WInd and purchased form Her Etsy Shop- The Stitched Bluebird. Tomorrow I will show you a picture of everyone dressed up - they were all very cute especially my Darling Husband who puts up with my wayward imagination - I am surprised he doesnt cringe when I say do you think we can do this. He takes my impoassibles and makes them possible xx Hubby if you read this I love you and wouldnt do it without you.


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  1. It all looks lovely, I love your tea party table with everything in blue & white, I really love the coordinated pompoms/lanterns/streamers, what a great idea! Your croquet hoops look great, I bet they loved playing it!