Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day Two Fashionably Easter - Dyed Eggs

O kay so the kids and I thought we would dye some eggs for some Easter fun and I was fortunate enough to find an Egg Dying Kit. White eggs are a little hard to come by but we found some duck eggs which were beautiful and white. I blew a couple of them out by piercing a hole top and bottom and blowing with a straw. If you haven't done this before it is a little hard. The key is to make sure you pierce and break up the yolk and that the membrane of the egg doesn't seal over the hole.

Sir Tp put some rubber bands around one of his and Little B and I used a white crayon to write Happy Easter (B tried spots too)In a cup I placed a dye tablet with 1 tablespoon of vinegar and some warm waterThen we placed our eggs in the dyeHere are some of our eggs drying - we all loved the rubber band effect although the Happy Easters also came up well As well as dying eggs our kit also came with some little dyes for painting eggs so the children are also having a go at that I will post some photos of our painted eggs using dyes this afternoon. We are just doing stripes dots and flowers and they are looking great


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