Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crochet Flowers

Ok I admit that I have caught a bit of a crochet bug looking at the beautiful crochet rugs and flowers and hats and pillows on the web. I have been struggling along teaching myself but I pretty much have no skill at fibre crafts (knitting included) My hands are awkward I lack speed and dexterity and when I look at the project I cant see what I am doing just a mess of wool so I cant fix a mixtake because I know it looks wrong but I just dont get it!! My mother and mother in law are both good at them which doesnt really help me.Anyway I have nearly finished my scarf - it just depends how long I choose to make it and it needs some crochet flowers on the ends of it. SO I have been practicing I think I am starting to get it thanks to my book and you tube but they still dont look quite right to me. Well maybe on the finished product - we shall see


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