Thursday, April 7, 2011

Special Birthday Books

Angel is here modelling another special little gift Miss B received for her Birthday. Belle and Boo Bubbles Before Bed. This is an activity and story book and I can't wait to explore it with Little Missy. We have made reading with B our focus for this year as she seems to be a little behind in this area and she needs a boost of confidence. Finding stimulating books (without the barbie and fairy influence) can be challenging sometimes especially with a child who has not discovered the purpose of reading fully. So this book lets her do handcrafts (she loves) colour(she loves) has some reading and Paper dolls(she loves) almost perfect for my Little B. It is available here and on Etsy and is a small printing project for the artist which makes it nearly handmade in my book Cheers PS Belle is a girl and Boo is a rabbit - speaking of rabbits dont forget to drop by next week and share some Easter Preparations and Crafts with us here at Lavender Green

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