Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter Adventure Part 3

On Easter Sunday we did our first ever four wheel driving. It was a track on a sheep station called SkyTrek. This was good as we don't know anybody else who owns a four wheel drive -so it would be unsafe for us to go alone. The station saw 50 vehicles go on the track on the Saturday and 30 on the Sunday so we knew we weren't alone. There were some great views and some steep ups and downs, It was very challenging for our driver and very bumpy for us passengers.

This was an old hut from the original sheep station that had been restored Sir TP thought the sleeping conditions were pretty good - although a little dusty.At the highest point on the property we added our rock to the Cairn and enjoyed the view on another spectacular day. The trip home had us driving through twilight and dusk and saw lots of native animals. The wet conditions have meant a soaring number of giant Orb spiders (I could have lived without this), strangely we never saw a single sheep on this property.Cheers

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