Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashionably Easter Day Five - Easter Bunting

Well it seemed obvious to me that we need an easter bunting - I know their are a gazillion tuorials for this so you might just like to enjoy my finished product with me.

My triangle pattern is 19 cm across the flat end and 27cm down from mid line to the point

I use Cooper Standard font off of my computer as the letter template. Trace it on to vleisoflex upside down , cut it out and iron to back of felt (there are so many nice plain colours in felt I think this is a little easier then using fabric). Machine stitch to bunting flags using straight stitch .

Stitch flags together right sides together, trim off excess fabric and turn through. Take care with the point.

Take a length of 1 inch continuous bias binding (I purchased pre made this time from Spotlight as they have a nice selection). Press in half along the length. Pin flags to the binding sandwiched in the fold and stitch through all layers making a loop at each end.

Happy Easter folks


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  1. ive been intending to make bunting for a while, thanks for this :)