Monday, April 11, 2011

Fashionably Easter Day One - Bunny Chocolates

Welcome to Day One of our Easter Crafts for children and the young at heart. Today we are making some chocolates for friends and families. I have been making little chocolates now with the children for birthdays and occasions for a couple of years it is a great way to theme an occasion and provide a little thoughtful sweet treat for children without overloading them with a giant egg or lolly bag. All our lolly bags at parties have a homemade chocolate instead of loads of chewy hard lollies. To make these bunny chocolates all the requirements can be found at Spotlight or specialty party shops, cake making supplies shops or My local Bread Making Shop now stocks a lot of Wiltons and other supplies also.

One Chocolate Bunny Lollipop Mould - Makes 10 bunnies at a time

Milk and white chocolate melting buttons (you cannot use baking buttons as they are too soft when set.

Lollipop sticks

Powder colours .

Rinse the Mold with warm water and polish it with a clean cloth Melt your chocolate as per bag instructions - I use small containers and heat for 20 sec in microwave -stir and then heat again in increments of 10 sec stirring in between until the chocolate is a nice runny consistency. Using the powdered colours and a toothpick blend the colour in with the chocolate until you get the colours you like. Using a pristine (not used for paint) paint brush paint any details you like in the mould (we did the bow ties). Fill the remainder of the mold with contrasting choclate -tap to settle the chocolate and release any air bubbles. Insert the lollipop stick and turn it around in the chocolate so it is covered Allow to set (Fortunately this doesnt take long!!) Turn the mould over and gently tap to release it is easy if they are fully set. We then wrapp them as prettily as you can think as gifts for friend and family. Or you can poke them into the top of pretty cupcakes as decoration. Cheers PS Tomorrow we are going to dye some eggs.

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