Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fashionably Easter Day Three- Bunny Eggs

Welcome or welcome back even - did you make some chocolates or maybe (if you are like me ) you are still planning to) Today we are making Egg Rabbit Decorations.

For this you will need

Polystyrene foam eggs


felt, pom poms and googly eyes

hot glue, white glue and toothpicks

Out of the felt cut 2 sets of ears and 1 set of feet that look a little like this (or however your bunnies like to look)

glue the ears together with a little end of toothpick in between them. This helps you attach them to the styrene egg when dry.

Use the white glue to cover the egg with glitter or paint it rabbit coloured. Add googly eyes, a tummy, teeth or a carrot.

Use the hot glue gun to attach the feet to the egg and you have a little easter egg bunny (watch out making these is addicive and they will multiply.

Good Luck


PS Come back tomorrow we are making something else fun for Easter.

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