Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Mail

This week I have had a bit of happy mail which I wanted to share - but I have also had heaps and heaps of other stuff to share - I am a bit worried you will all be sick of me. Firstly I finally got mt Homespun Magazine last night which I had been waiting and waiting for Then I got a little parcel from the delightful Kyoto General store which is closing so I quickly grabbed a couple of miffy pens, some hello kitty stationary and some matrioshka deco tape (all bound to be useful). Then I got my first of Lynette Anderson's xmas button club -and a fabric and thread pack from Quilt Fabric delight.
Sarah always picks nice bright colours -although I am not going to start this for a while i have other things on the go. So on what is a cold gloomy day here I am going to make coffee, read my mag and do some craft with the children - they have big plans(Sir TP wants his handcraft badge)

Then it will be homemade fish and chips with the fish the boys bought back from the fishing trip (thankfully Grandad fillets and freezes up packs for us of all these little delicious tommy ruff fillets) and the kids have started learning songs from Annie for their mid year theatre production ao we might see if we can get the movie for them to watch.


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